Hayden – 18 months

What a little cutie!!  Usually 18 months old is one of the hardest ages to photograph….  at this age, the kiddos are usually not interested in pictures AT ALL!  Hayden proved me wrong though!!  He was such a little ham, smiling and posing for the camera!!

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Babies, babies, babies!!

Wow, there have been so many newborns in the studio this month!!!  In February, I photographed a total of 8 newborns….  not to mention all my other sessions of older babies, kids, and families!  What was everyone doing 9 months ago?  haha!!  Here is a share of the newbies that have been in the studio this month!



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Prints vs. digitals…. my thoughts

“Wow, what a lovely silver disc you have of your family..”  Said no one….EVER!

“Wow, what a beautiful canvas picture you have of your family on the wall!”…. This is what they should be saying!!!

So it’s the digital age, and has been for years now..  This means that so many photographers now only offer digital CDs or thumb drives of the sessions they capture, no prints included.  That is perfectly fine for some people.  (**Disclaimer**  I am not putting down any photographer who is all digital….)  But here are my thoughts on why JMS will NEVER ONLY offer digital files…  I will ALWAYS offer prints and products for my clients along with the digitals.

First of all, I consider myself an artist.  As your personal family portrait artist, I will provide ARTWORK for you.  I want to provide you with beautiful pieces of art to display on your walls and in albums in your home and office.

I LOVE prints.  I get so excited about receiving boxes of pictures from the UPS man.  And I get absolutely giddy when I open up a box with a big beautiful print or canvas that I know will hang in someone’s house for years and years to come.  Call me old fashioned, but there is something about seeing the picture in print that means way more to me than staring at it on a computer.

It pains me to hear that someone bought the CD  from their session months or even years ago and have never printed any of the pictures from that CD.  That is why even when you buy the digital collection from me, I provide a set of 4×6 prints with it.  I WANT you to have prints of your pictures!  I want you to be able to share and display the pictures we captured of your family.

Think about it…  50 years from now, what do you think will be more sentimental to your kids and grandkids?  A disc or drive that holds pictures that you can’t retrieve because technology has advanced past those items?  Or a beautiful wall hanging of your family from when the kids were little?  Or even a few smaller prints that you have put into an album for keepsake?

Now don’t get me wrong… I realize in this digital age that there is a time and a place for someone to buy digital pictures from their photographer.  Birth announcements, birthday party invites, web sharing, archiving, and even that occasional Groupon Deal for a gallery wrapped canvas.  There is nothing wrong with offering digital pictures to clients.  I have sold many digital pictures to my clients for these purposes.  My point in this post is simply to point out that as your photographer, my goal is to provide you with the finished product.

The prints that you get from me are high quality prints that go unmatched from most local or consumer printers.  I want your pictures to be handed down through generations, so they are made to last!  In addition to the quality of the print itself, I will ensure that the color of your prints are perfect to look natural and artistic.

I want to capture what your life is at this moment and be able to document your family’s growth.  What better way to do that than through pictures?


** Special thanks to my clients that sent in pictures of their wall displays so that I could include them in this post!!

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