Big Changes, Big News!

I have always loved prints.  I love being able to provide an actual product to my clients..  I love seeing my artwork printed out and blown up big!  I love the idea of my artwork being splattered all over walls of my clients homes.  Want to know a secret?  When my clients post pictures to Facebook of their every day life (what they are fixing for dinner, their kids playing in the living room.. etc) I tend to look at their walls to see all my pictures hanging in their house!

As much as I love prints, I also love giving clients want they want.   And in this day and age, it’s a digital world!  Digitals are so great for archiving, sharing on social media, printing multiple copies to give to family members, etc.  I totally get the practicality of digitals right now!!!  One of the first things people ask when inquiring about a session is “Do you offer the digitals?”  And while I have always had that option, it’s time to move completely into the digital form of photography..  Which leads me to my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

JMS Photography is now all inclusive!  That means for one price, you will get the session, 40+ edited pictures on a flash drive, and a session album.  No session fees, no minimum order fees, no deadlines…  One price and you get it all!!  (Clients, you just have to promise to use that print release and get those pictures printed!!)

Prices for sessions are as follows:

Family Session (up to 8 people):  $400

Newborn Session:  $425

Maternity Session:  $325

Baby Plan (5 sessions for the first year of baby’s life):  $1250 ($250 each session)

Mini Baby Plan (3 sessions for the first year of baby’s life):  $900 ($300 each session)


What does this mean for existing Baby Planners and those clients that have already scheduled a session?  Well, you will have the choice to stick with the original print plan that you are on now, or switch to the new digital plan!  Any new sessions/clients that are scheduled from here on out will automatically be put on the new pricing/digital plan.  Baby Planners can choose to remain on the print pricing  for the duration of their Baby Plan.

We will try to transition to this smoothly… any questions, feel free to ask!!  I think this will be awesome for my clients!








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